Roots and Wings

A few years ago during a particularly challenging time, Camila Mesquita found herself adrift and disenchanted with a life that no longer felt authentically her own. Her existence in the virtual world of graphic design and illustration left her uninspired and restless. Deep within her surged a long dormant yearning for a more deliberate and purposeful expression of her life. Her body and spirit longed for fusion. Her heart and hands began a quest for connectivity fueled by a desire to feel, touch and viscerally “dig in” to a world of creative form and playfulness. Fervently awakened by this hunger for artistic excavation, she intuitively understood she would need to let go of the life she knew in order to surrender to a life she ached to create. Like the butterfly’s journey from cocoon to flight, it was to be a complete metamorphosis — and she knew instinctively where to begin.

Camila’s inner world came aglow when she began to explore and experiment with her passion for vintage textiles. Deeply rooted in her profound affinity to the generations of women before her who for centuries colored the world with the vivid story telling of their craft, she became mesmerized by the joyful union of yarn & hook, needle & thread. Camila immersed herself fully in the history and study of textile and jewelry making and emerged from this foray pulsating with creative expansion. Catapulted into a world of tactile delights Camila began to “sew” her seeds with brightly colored yarns of wool, cotton, silk, beads and recycled saris.
She reveled in her magical playground as her pieces sprung to life through unpredictable movement and form. As she observed her own hands meticulously knitting, knotting, crocheting and embroidering, she paused to marinate in the raw and sensual awakening that was taking place in her, around her and through her. This passionate incarnation unfolding before her was akin to a metaphorical “untangling” of her roots, now giving way to the embodiment of her wings.
And now, she is soaring. She has taken often overlooked treasures such as recycled sari yarn and hand cut glass beads and turned them into meticulously embroidered, luxurious, one-of-a-kind works of wearable art. She has cultivated a garden of rich textile delight and it is here in this fertile garden of Camila, where inspiration comes to play. Each piece, evolving and becoming, as it takes shape in her own hands. Wearing her vibrant textile jewelry is like dancing with life. Yours. Hers. All of ours, collectively.

This collection is an invitation from Camila to PLAY and to find liberation in the joyful, passionate and always expansive expression of self. When we give life to what is within us, Life is restored to us.

Just ask Camila….

- Natalie Bonelli