Camila Mesquita


New website!

I am very happy to finally publish my website. It has been cooking for a long time, and it finally arrived along with the bees and the cherry blossoms. Since I decided to take a break from developing my jewelry business about 3 years ago, I have been experimenting a lot with other art practices, mainly painting. I needed time to investigate the creative possibilities that drawing and painting could offer me and since then I have been developing my skills and finding my creative voice using paint and brushes. This body of work has been produced during this period and it feels so gratifying to see that taking a leap of faith and jumping into the unknown brought so many beautiful fruits.

This will be a place where I can play, express myself, experiment. Everything here has been done by me: the artwork, photos, writing, website. It feels empowering to make it all by myself from scratch. Maybe I need to admit that my husband Mikkel helped me a bit with the website ;)… But he mainly helped me to just let all the fears go and finally publish it. To him, I dedicate this first version of this platform…

Now, after a long period to retreat, I feel the need to share with others what I have been doing and eventually to collaborate with other creatives.

Mainly I want to thank you so much for taking the time to check out my website. Please come back soon, there will always be something new to be enjoyed.

Peace and Love,


Asking for the right protection at the beginning of this journey! Jai Ganesh!

Asking for the right protection at the beginning of this journey! Jai Ganesh!

camila mesquita