Camila Mesquita




The virtue of desire

I have a constant need to touch and be touched by the world. It is a deep desire, which moves me to connect and engage with the other through my hands. The other being a beautiful piece of cast bronze, a string of pearls, red raw silk, a beautiful stranger just passing by in my life.

Human hands have great potential. They carry knowledge and intention. I like to explore what my hands can do, so I set them free to play. I also love to see what other hands can do. They can do marvelous things: carve marble, weed a garden, share love and comfort. 

I draw a lot. It makes me connect with this desire that is constantly creating stuff:  asymmetrical mandalas, thick, saggy and bold flowers, lustful bouquets. I also create jewelry that is rarely pretty, but always beautiful and raw, and sometimes embellished with pearls and ribbons.

Maybe we will be able to connect, to touch at some level. I would love that.

Peace and love...




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— Jonathan L.