Camila Mesquita

Goddesses, Divas and Faux Queens

This is about dressing up and having fun. I love the female face and how it can express its beauty in infinite ways. I love heavy make up, shocking pink, paillettes, embroidery, huge head adornments. When I was growing up in Brazil, I loved seeing the fabulous Elke Maravilha on TV, the first faux queen of my life. I couldn’t figure her out, and she fascinated me with her big bleached blond hair and gigantic fake eyelashes. And she wore a lot of pink and glitter! My woman can be a marlene dietrich cover, a carnivorous vamp, an empress covered in glitter, a blue beard’s survivor bride. I love the ones who spread their arms and fly, who go to the extremes unapologeticaly. Maybe because I am yet too shy to do it, I love them so much and I am still on this side, silently painting them.